Outdoors in Punta del Diablo

Centro de Tortugas Marinas

While Uruguay has no nesting beaches for sea turtles, the area from Barra del Chuy to Punta del Diablo is an important foraging area. The Center for Marine Turtles provides information on when to see these cute crea…
in Punta del Diablo

Punta Del Diablo Village

Fabulously remote, seriously underdeveloped and stunningly picturesque, this little fishing-surfing village of wooden cabins and winding dirt streets attracts a nature-oriented crowd. Parque Nacional Santa Teresa is…
Bird Watching in Punta del Diablo

Estación Biológica Potrerillo de Santa Teresa

On the shores of Laguna Negra, 10km northwest of town, the Estación Biológica Potrerillo de Santa Teresa harbors a rich variety of bird and plant life and several 3000-year-old indigenous burial mounds. Th…