Uruguayan peso (UR$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$75

  • Dorm bed US$15–35
  • Menu ejecutivo (fixed-price lunch) US$10–15
  • Chivito (Uruguay's classic steak sandwich) US$10
  • Local bus ride in Montevideo US$1
  • Long-distance bus ride: roughly US$7 per 100km traveled

Midrange: US$75–175

  • Midrange hotel double room: from US$75
  • Midrange restaurant meal including drinks: US$25
  • Rental car pre-booked from overseas: US$25 per day

Top end: More than US$175

  • Four-star hotel double room: from US$150
  • Top-end restaurant meal with top local wine US$50
  • Rental car booked in Uruguay US$50 per day


Except in informal settings such as flea markets, bargaining is not common in Uruguay.


Punta del Diablo has no cash machines other than the temporary Redbrou ATM set up at Paseo del Rivero each summer. Bring cash with you; only some businesses accept credit cards, and the nearest banks are an hour away in Castillos (40km southwest) or Chuy (45km north).