Uruguay requires passports of all foreigners, except those from neighboring countries (who need only national identification cards).

Customs Regulations

Uruguay has no unusual customs restrictions.

  • Travelers arriving from overseas may bring in up to four cartons of cigarettes and 4L of alcohol, along with consumer electronics for personal use such as cell phones, laptops, cameras and/or video equipment.
  • Pets must be accompanied by a health certificate from their home country.
  • Restricted items include vegetables, fruits, seeds, flowers, soil, fresh dairy products, meat products and animal feed.


Not required for nationals of Western Europe, Australia, USA, Canada or New Zealand

More Information

Nationals of Western Europe, Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand automatically receive a 90-day tourist card, renewable for another 90 days. Other nationals may require visas. For an official list of current visa requirements by nationality, see https://migracion.minterior.gub.uy.