Arriving in Destination

Carrasco International Airport Buses, shuttle vans, taxis and remises (private cars) make the 20km journey from the airport into Montevideo. Cheapest are the local Copsa and Cutcsa buses (UR$58, 45 minutes) that leave from a stop directly in front of the arrivals hall, making frequent stops en route to Terminal Suburbana, five blocks north of Plaza del Entrevero. Faster and more comfortable is COT's direct bus service between the airport (UR$181, 30 minutes) and Tres Cruces bus terminal. Look for the stop to the right as you exit the arrivals hall.

Shared shuttle vans (five-person minimum) also travel from the airport to the center (UR$400 per person); buy tickets from the taxi counter in the airport arrivals hall.

Fixed-rate airport taxis charge between UR$1200 and UR$1700 (depending on neighborhood) for the 30- to 45-minute ride from the airport into Montevideo. A less expensive and more comfortable way to get into the city is to pre-book a remise from a company like B&B Remise.

Ferry Terminal Ferries from Argentina dock just north of the Mercado del Puerto, within a five- to 15-minute walk of all Ciudad Vieja accommodations. Buses to other parts of the city (UR$33) run along Calle Cerrito, two blocks south of the port. Taxis queue just outside the ferry terminal and can take you anywhere in the city for UR$250 or less.