Uruguay’s country code is 598. Antel (www.antel.com.uy) is the state telephone company, with offices in every town.

All Uruguayan landline numbers are eight digits long, beginning with 2 for Montevideo or 4 for elsewhere in the country. Cell (mobile) phone numbers consist of a three-digit prefix (most commonly 099) followed by a six-digit number. If dialing internationally, drop the leading zero.

Mobile Phones

Three companies – Antel (www.antel.com.uy), Claro (www.claro.com.uy) and Movistar (www.movistar.com.uy) – provide cell-phone service in Uruguay. Rather than use expensive roaming plans, many travelers bring an unlocked cell phone (or buy a cheap one here) and insert a local pay-as-you-go SIM card. SIMs can readily be purchased at Antel offices and recharged at service stations, shopping malls and streetside kiosks throughout Uruguay.