Mediterranean in La Pedrera


Presided over by a Santa Claus–bearded Basque chef, this cozy family-run spot one block from the waterfront has a short, sweet menu of pasta and seafood. Locally caught crab, rays, shark and shrimp make their way...

Seafood in La Pedrera

La Pe

'P' is for pasta, paella and – in Spanish – pescado (fish). This popular place, smack in the heart of La Pedrera's main street, serves all three, with outdoor seating under the trees and a nice play area for...

Seafood in La Pedrera

Costa Brava

Perched atop the bluffs overlooking the Atlantic, Costa Brava is all about seafood accompanied by an unbeatable view.

Uruguayan in La Pedrera

Don Rómulo

La Pedrera's only dependable year-round restaurant is this straightforward parrilla-pizzeria, two blocks in from the beach on the town's main street.