Uruguayan peso (UR$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$75

  • Dorm bed US$15–35
  • Menu ejecutivo (fixed-price lunch) US$10–15
  • Chivito (Uruguay's classic steak sandwich) US$10
  • Local bus ride in Montevideo US$1
  • Long-distance bus ride: roughly US$7 per 100km traveled

Midrange: US$75–175

  • Midrange hotel double room: from US$75
  • Midrange restaurant meal including drinks: US$25
  • Rental car pre-booked from overseas: US$25 per day

Top end: More than US$175

  • Four-star hotel double room: from US$150
  • Top-end restaurant meal with top local wine US$50
  • Rental car booked in Uruguay US$50 per day


Except in informal settings such as flea markets, bargaining is not common in Uruguay.


Banks, post and telephone offices are all on the main street, Avenida Nicolás Solari.