Top Choice Historic Building in Montevideo

Palacio Salvo

On the east side of the Plaza Independencia, the 26-story structure with the crazy beehive hairdo is Palacio Salvo, the continent's tallest building when it opened in 1927.
Top Choice Market in Montevideo

Mercado del Puerto

No visitor should miss Montevideo’s old port market building, at the foot of Pérez Castellano, whose impressive wrought-iron superstructure shelters a gaggle of bustling parrillas (steak restaurants). On weekend aft…
Top Choice Sculpture in Punta del Este

La Mano en la Arena

Punta’s most famous landmark is this monster-sized sculpted hand protruding from the sands of Playa Brava. Constructed in iron and cement by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal, it won first prize in a monumental art c…
Top Choice Theater in Montevideo

Teatro Solís

Just off Plaza Independencia, elegant Teatro Solís is Montevideo’s premier performance space. First opened in 1856, and completely renovated during the past decade or so, it has superb acoustics. Regularly scheduled…
Top Choice Museum in Montevideo

Museo del Gaucho

Housed in the ornate Palacio Heber, this museum eloquently conveys the deep attachments between the gauchos, their animals and the land. Its superb collection of historical artifacts includes horse gear, silver work…
Top Choice Gallery in Punta del Este


Gleaming white in the sun and cascading nine stories down a cliffside, Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró’s exuberantly whimsical villa and art gallery sits atop Punta Ballena, a jutting headland 15km west of Punta…
Architectural in Montevideo

Casa Garibaldi

Casa Garibaldi is where Guiseppe Garibaldi once lived. The 19th-century Italian nationalist hero spent years of exile in Montevideo following a revolt against the monarchy. Not a bad place to go into hiding, really.
Memorial in Montevideo

Mausoleo de Artigas

In the middle of the downtown Plaza Independencia is the Mausoleo de Artigas, whose above-ground portion is a 17m, 30-ton statue of the country's independence hero. Below street level an honor guard keeps 24-hour vi…
Lighthouse in La Paloma

El Faro del Cabo Santa María

The 1874 completion of this local lighthouse marked La Paloma’s genesis as a summer beach resort. The unfinished first attempt collapsed in a violent storm, killing 17 French and Italian workers, who are buried near…
Conservation Organization in Around Piriápolis

SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina

Ten kilometers south of Piriápolis is Uruguay’s premier marine-animal rescue and rehabilitation center, SOS Rescate de Fauna Marina. Run entirely by volunteers, its emphasis is on educating schoolchildren, who can a…