Top things to do

Top Choice Historic Site in Fujairah City

Fujairah Fort

Draped over a rocky mound above vestiges of Fujairah’s old village and a date-palm oasis, this restored fort looks splendid, especially when floodlit at night. Built from mud, gravel, wood and gypsum in the 16th cen…
Top Choice International in Fujairah City


On a balmy night, there's no better place for cocktails or a meal than Breezes at the Hilton Fujairah Resort. At the town's only beachfront restaurant, the menu revolves around pasta, burgers and salads, although to…
Top Choice Italian in Fujairah City


Never mind the ho-hum looks and location: this is Italian food at its most authentic, thanks to chef Angelo Usai. His homemade pasta, wood-fired pizza and creamy risotti are superb and can even be enjoyed with a gla…
Mosque in UAE East Coast

Al Badiyah Mosque

Badiyah (also spelt Bidyah and Bidiya), 8km north of Khor Fakkan, is famous for its tiny 1446 mosque. The modest stone and mud structure, adorned with four pointed domes and resting on a single internal pillar, is c…
Lebanese in Fujairah City

Al Meshwar

With its Fred Flintstone exterior, this perennially popular local restaurant is easily spotted. Just as well, for the Lebanese fare is finger-licking good, from the tangy hummus and copious other mezze (go for the o…
Beach in Khor Fakkan

Khor Fakkan Corniche

Khor Fakkan is home to a busy container port. Still, the town is not without its charms, especially along the corniche, which extends for several kilometres and is flanked by palm trees, gardens, kiosks and a playgr…
Iranian in Khor Fakkan

Irani Pars Restaurant

Locals give this simple restaurant the thumbs up for its generous portions of grills served with fluffy rice. Try the classic stews such as the herb-based ghormeh sabzi.
National Park in UAE East Coast

Wadi Wurayah

Tucked into the Hajar Mountains between Dibba, Khor Fakkan and Masafi, Wadi Wurayah (Wurayah Canyon) is a true natural treasure that was designated the UAE's first Mountain Protected Area by the World Wildlife Fund …
Museum in Fujairah City

Fujairah Museum

This old-school local-history museum does little to meaningfully display and label its significant collection of archaeological finds from such tombs as those at Badiyah, Dibba and Qidfa (including vessels, arrowhea…
Market in UAE East Coast

Friday Market

Despite the name, this strip of nearly identical stalls on Hwy E88 from Dubai towards the eastern coast is actually a daily affair. Rugs, pottery, household goods and knick-knacks are for sale, but it’s best for sto…