Top Choice French in Sheikh Zayed Mosque & Around

Bord Eau

Bord Eau at the Shangri-La Hotel is le restaurant for French fine dining in Abu Dhabi. The classic French fare (onion soup, foie gras, chateaubriand) is flawlessly executed with a modern twist and the flavours are c…
French in Deira


A meal at Traiteur is pure drama, both on the plate and in the striking 14m-high dining room and raised show kitchen, where a small army of chefs elevates classic French bistro fare into a fine-dining experience. Th…
Turkish in Deira

Yildiz Saray

Tucked into a ho-hum hotel is this gem of a restaurant where complimentary bread and ezme (a spicy tomato-pepper spread) are the mere overture to the full symphony of classic Turkish fare.
French in Dubai Marina & Palm Jumeirah


Triple-Michelin-starred Yannick Alléno introduces his culinary magic to Dubai in this subtly theatrical vaulted dining room accented with black crystal chandeliers. His creations seem deceptively simple (the beef te…
French in Al Markaziyah

La Brioche Café

A slice of Paris in the UAE, this mini-chain charmer is famous for its breakfasts but also makes healthy salads, bulging sandwiches and some of the best bread, croissants and pastries (baked fresh and local) in town…
French in Breakwater

Brasserie Angélique

This award-winning fine-dining restaurant at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers has taken the city by storm. Even if the opulent chandeliers scream 'Gulf', the food is thoroughly Gallic, with seared squab breast, stuffed sad…
Armenian in Downtown Dubai


Mayrig's Armenian food borrows from Lebanese cuisine while setting its own distinctive flavour accents. Menu stars include sou beureg (a flaky cheese-filled pastry), the mouthwatering fishnah kebab topped with wild …
Portuguese in Bur Dubai


Picante is decked out in orange and blue, the dominant colours of the bluffs and the sea of the Algarve beaches on the south coast of Portugal whose cuisine it celebrates. Typical dishes include bacalhau (salt cod f…
French in Breakwater

Café Du Roi

With professional coffee and delicious pastries, croissants and sandwiches, plus seven choices of fluffy filled omelettes, this French-style cafe is the perfect spot for some leisurely lingering. Also at Abu Dhabi M…