Global Village

Top choice fair

in Dubai
Hayley Skirka / Lonely Planet

The carnival-like Global Village is a bit like a ‘world fair’ for shoppers. Each of the 30-something pavilions showcases a specific nation’s culture and – of course – products. Aside from shopping, there's also lots of entertainment – from Chinese opera to Turkish whirling dervishes – as well as a fun fair with dozens of rides from tame to terrifying.

The grounds are about 20km southeast of the Mall of the Emirates; it's a 20-minute taxi ride from the Mall.

There's plenty of exotic souvenirs to discover. The following pavilions are especially impressive: Afghanistan for fretwork-bordered stone pendants and beaded-silver earrings; Palestine for traditional cross-stitch kandouras (casual traditional shirt-dresses worn by men and women) and ever-popular cushion covers; Yemen for its authentic khanjars (traditional curved daggers); India for spangled fabrics and slippers; and Kenya for its kitsch bottle-top handbags.