Wild Wadi Waterpark

Water Park in Jumeirah
Image by Mark Daffey / Getty Images
Image by Mark Daffey / Getty Images

It's liquid thrills galore at Wild Wadi, where you can ride a water roller coaster (Master Blaster), plunge down a death-defying tandem slide (Jumeirah Sceirah) and get tossed around watery tornadoes (Tantrum Alley). Mellow types can chill on the lazy river, while kids love romping around a vast water playground with smaller slides, water guns and a dumping bucket.

The 30-odd interconnected rides and attractions follow a vague theme about fictional Middle Eastern adventurer Juha and his friend Sinbad the Sailor who get shipwrecked together. Note that one night a week (usually Thursday) the park is open only to women, girls, and boys under eight. Book tickets online for discounts.

Note that some rides have a 110cm minimum height requirement.

Opening hours vary seasonally; check the website before you go.