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Kid Friendly

Camel Rides, Sand Boarding and Dune Bashing Morning Desert Safari

Pick up on a 4x4 vehicle from anywhere within UAE. Red dunes, dune bashing, camel rides and amazing photo opportunities.
4 hours
Water Sports

Scuba Diving in Fujairah

We all know that scuba diving is a very enjoyable and relaxing sport, but did you know that it is truly good for your health…mind, body and soul? Whether you are a beginner recreational diver interested in seeing the beautiful reefs of the sea, or an experienced deep sea diver who travels to depths seldom seen by the human eye, scuba diving can provide numerous benefits.Adventure sports offers Daily Dives, Scuba diving courses:Bubble MakerPADI Seal teamPADI Master SealScuba DiverDiscover Scuba DivingOpen Water DiverAdventure DiverAdvanced Open Water DiverRescue Diver CoursesMaster Scuba Diver CoursesSpecialities CoursesScuba Reactivate Courses
1 hour
Outdoor Activities

Fishing Trips

Deep Sea Fishing involves going out into the sea and fishing in deep waters or at the bottom of the sea. This is only for the experienced anglers who want to take recreational Fishing to the next level. It offers fishermen a great opportunity to catch different fish species which are definitely more massive than those normally caught when fishing in shallow water. It can also be very challenging so adequate planning, enough knowledge on the ins and outs of this offshore activity, and suitable pieces of equipment are of utmost importance.Spending time with your family promotes feelings of security and well-being, making fishing a worthwhile activity to learn.
4 hours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Deep Sea Fishing Tour

It is time to take a break from the busy life of United Arab Emirates and try your hand at deep-sea fishing on relaxing fishing tour with your family or friends. Head to the Indian Ocean or Arabian Gulf spots known for its game fish – baracuda, mahi mahi, yellowtail, sail fish marlin if you are lucky!) and more – and try your hand at angling. Experienced anglers can jump right in; if you're new to deepwater angling, the cruise's crew will provide personalized coaching so that you're hooking fish in no time.Take breaks from watching for bites by grabbing a bite for yourself inside the onboard galley. Beverages are available throughout the trip. If you catch a fish of legal size, the crew will fillet it for a nominal fee so you can take it home for a delicious dinner or you can ask the crew to cook it in contracted hotels which hotels will charge for the additional. For more information ask for the crew.
4 hours