Museum in Zhytomyr

Korolyov Cosmonaut Museum

Named after acclaimed Soviet rocket engineer and local lad Sergei Korolyov, this surprisingly well-curated museum is famous across the former Soviet Union. Suitably space-aged music plays and fake stars glimmer as y…
Park in Zhytomyr

Gagarin Park

Flanking the Teteriv River about 1.5km south of the city centre, this park is a hive of activity in the summer months and serves up great views of the river gorge and the forest beyond, accessible via the Berdychivs…
Statue in Zhytomyr

Lenin Statue

The city's main square is dominated by a giant Lenin apparently emerging from a lump of bedrock. Over two decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it's still as well cared for as ever.
Church in Zhytomyr

St Sophia's Church

With its distinctive ochre-and-white exterior, double clock towers and lavish interior, this small church dating from 1746 is a must-see for fans of baroque architecture.