Getting Around

The main street, pr Soborny (Lenina), stretches for 10km from Zaporizhzhya-1 train station at its southeastern end to pl Zaporizhka (Lenina) overlooking the Dniproges Dam. Most trolleybuses and marshrutky run the length of pr Soborny between Zaporizhzhya-1 train station and pl Lenina, but you can bank on trolleybus 3.

Khortytsya Island lies in the Dnipro, 2km southwest of the Dniproges Dam wall. To get there, take a marshrutka marked Хортиця (eg 87 or 58), leaving from the corner of pr Lenina and pr Metallurgov, and get off after it crosses Khortytsya's southern bridge. The trip takes 15 minutes and costs 5uah. From there, it is a 3km hike north to the museum.