Notable Building in Zaporizhzhya

Dniproges Dam

At 760m – two and a half times longer than the famous Hoover Dam – the wall of the USSR's first dam certainly represented a monumental engineering feat when constructed under US supervision in 1927–32. It's still im…
Museum in Zaporizhzhya

Historical Museum of Zaporizhsky Cossacks

The informative Historical Museum of Zaporizhsky Cossacks includes painted dioramas and various Cossack weaponry and bric-a-brac excavated from the island and nearby Baida Island.
Fort in Zaporizhzhya

Sich Reconstruction

Historic Site in Zaporizhzhya

Khortytsya Island

The Zaporizhska Sich on Khortytsya Island was the most important cradle of Ukrainian Cossackdom, where hetman (leader) Dmytro Baida united disparate groups of Cossacks in the construction of a sich (fort) in 1553–54…