Yevpatoriya attractions

Temple in Yevpatoriya

Dzhuma-Dzhami Mosque

Built in 1552, the landmark mosque is attributed to Mimar Sinan, the architect of Istanbul's famous Blue Mosque. Although not in Backhysaray, it was considered the main mosque of Ottoman-ruled Crimea. It served as a…
Temple in Yevpatoriya

Karaite Kenassas

The beautiful whitewashed colonnaded complex became the main place of worship for Karaites in the aftermath of the Russian takeover of Crimea, when they were allowed to abandon cave cities and live where they please…
Islamic Site in Yevpatoriya

Dervish Tekiye

Early 20th-century travel guides to Crimea still touted dervishes whirling in a breathtaking shamanic dance as one of the peninsula's main attractions, but today unfortunately this site is about the only legacy left…
Jewish Site in Yevpatoriya

Yegiya Kapay Synagogue

Once the heart of a thriving Jewish community, this synagogue was closed by the Bolsheviks, then pretty much all the Crimean Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. Now revived, it once again serves as a spiritual and …
Historic Building in Yevpatoriya

Gezlev Firewood Gate

Apart from an excellent cafe, the restored gates of the medieval Gezlev (Yevpatoriya's Turkish name) house a small museum with a new, skillfully created 3D model of the walled medieval city.