International in Yalta


It used to be just one 'Orange' in the park, now there are three – the best outlet has occupied a pier shaped as a Greek galley (built for a Soviet film about Argonauts). Definitely the best place for an early break…
Ukrainian in Yalta

Khutorok La Mer

If this is a khutorok (a traditional Ukrainian farm), then designers must have salvaged it from the bottom of the sea. The menu is also a wild fusion of rural Ukrainian and marine themes. Nothing prevents you from o…
Tatar in Yalta


Popular with locals, Lilia is a no-nonsense Crimean Tatar eatery in Yalta's market – located left from the entrance. A typical lunch here would consist of lagman (Uzbek noodle soup), lyulya-kebab (barrel-shaped keba…
Tatar in Yalta


This simple open-air eatery and takeaway makes more than 10 different kinds of mouthwatering chebureki (10uah), an impressive array of Crimean Tatar dishes, great shashlyks (25uah to 30uah for 100g) and Black Sea fi…
Desserts in Yalta


Cool, quiet, beige-brown-hued cafe specialising in Russia's favourite comfort food – blyny – filled with just about anything you might wish to find within a rolled sheet of gently fried dough. Some Crimean wines and…
Dumplings in Yalta


This is the best workers' cafe in town because it makes your order fresh. Varenyky, blyny (pancakes), borshch and good, crisp salads all join the namesake dish of pelmeni (Russian dumplings).
Market in Yalta

Central Market

Definitely the prettiest market in Crimea displaying an abundance of seasonal fruit – from grapes and figs, to peaches and water melons. There are also some nice Crimean Tatar cafes in the premises.
International in Yalta

Belaya Dacha

Here is proof that a nice modern restaurant in Yalta doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. Food is international with the emphasis on homegrown produce. We loved Turkish-styled lamb served with pita bread. It's…