Top Choice Area in Yalta

Lenin's Embankment

Everyone's favourite pastime in Yalta is walking up and down the seafront nab Lenina and the pedestrian zone along the Uchan-su River, where you'll find a small History Museum and a Catholic church. A popular attrac…
Museum in Yalta

Chekhov House-Museum

With many of Yalta's attractions a short distance away, the Chekhov House-Museum is the only must-see in town. It's sort of The Cherry Orchard incarnate. Not only did Anton Chekhov (1860–1904) pen that classic play …
Winery in Yalta

Massandra Winery

Memoirists claim that Tsar Nicholas II would always keep a flask of Massandra port hidden in his high boot during his daily Sunny path walks, while his wife sipped the very same drink listening to Rasputin's prophes…
Museum in Yalta

History Museum

Cathedral in Yalta

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

A beautiful piece of neo-Byzantine architecture with fantastic detailing.
Church in Yalta

Catholic Church