Top Choice European in Lviv

Masonic Restaurant

Ascend to the 2nd floor and open the door of apartment 8. You'll be accosted by an unshaven bachelor type, who eventually opens the door to reveal a fancy beamed restaurant full of Masonic symbols and portraits. Adv…
Top Choice Eastern European in Lviv


Here's how you compress your Lviv cultural studies into one evening out. Start with Jewish forschmak (herring pate), eased down by Ukrainian nalivki (digestives) and followed by Hungarian fish soup. Proceed to Polis…
Top Choice Ukrainian in Lviv

Trapezna Idey

An unmarked door behind the paper-aeroplane monument leads into the bowels of Bernardine monastery, where this lovely local-intelligentsia fave is hiding, together with a modern art gallery called the Museum of Idea…
European in Lviv


There's no gimmick at one of Lviv's finest dining spots where the refined interior, peaceful music and perfectly placed patio compliment food that puts this place ahead of its rivals. Fancy European fare like fondue…
Cafe in Lviv

Puzata Khata

This super-sized version of Ukraine’s No 1 restaurant chain stands out for its classy, Hutsul-themed interior and pure Ukrainian-rock soundtrack. There’s another, more tranquil branch at pr Shevchenka 10.
Pub Food in Lutsk

Brave Schwejk

Named for the famous fictional Czech soldier Švejk (Schweik in German) in Good Soldier Schweik by Jaroslav Hašek, this place harks back to the novel's Austro-Hungarian era with its mix of sausages, goulash, pigs' kn…
International in Lviv


This classy basement restaurant plates up an ambitiously multicultural menu of fish, beef steaks, shashlyk, crêpes, varenyky (Ukrainian dumplings) and pizzas in a cool, tranquil atmosphere. In addition there’s a str…
Ukrainian in Lviv

Dim Lehend

Dedicated to the city of Lviv, there’s nothing dim about the ‘House of Legends’. The five floors contain a library stuffed with Lviv-themed volumes, a room showing live webcam footage of Lviv’s underground river, ro…
European in Lviv


One of the pretourism ‘originals’, this place is designed to feel like stepping back in time – to 1938 in particular, ‘the year before civilisation ended’ (ie before the Soviets rolled in). The old-world interior is…
International in Lviv

Livy Bereh

Buried deep beneath the Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet, this superb restaurant serves European fare, with a few Ukrainian and Hutsul favourites thrown in. The theme, not surprisingly, is ope…