Gay & Lesbian Travellers

Ukraine lags behind most of Europe on gay rights, but pride marches do take place, heavily guarded by police and threatened by right-wing thugs. Ukrainian ultranationalists in the west and their pro-Russian foes in the east of the country have both been engaged in homophobic rhetoric and attacks on gays. Kyiv appears to have the most enlightened approach to the issue, while Lviv and Kharkiv have shown signs of institutional homophobia. There have been violent street attacks on gay men; pro-LGBT political events are also subject to attacks by ultra-nationalists.

  • Homosexuality is legal in Ukraine.
  • Few people are very out here and attitudes vary – what's acceptable in large cities may not be in smaller communities.
  • Ukraine’s gay scene is largely underground, but gay clubs do exist in big cities.
  • Displays of affection between two men (and perhaps two women) in public could create hostility.
  • The biggest scene is in Kyiv, but Kharkiv and Odesa have one or two clubs.

The following are useful gay websites: