Top Choice Cemetery in Lviv

Lychakiv Cemetery

Don't leave town until you've seen this amazing cemetery, only a short ride on tram 7 from the centre. This is the Père Lachaise of Eastern Europe, with the same sort of overgrown grounds and Gothic aura as the famo…
Museum in Lviv

Apteka Museum

This pharmacy museum is located inside a still-functioning chemist's shop dating from 1735. Entrance into the eerie pidval (basement) is by request only. Bottles of medicinal wine with a high iron content can be bou…
Chapel in Lviv

Boyim Chapel

Just off pl Rynok's southwest corner, the blackened facade of the burial chapel (1615) belonging to Hungarian merchant Georgi Boyim and his family is covered in magnificent if somewhat morbid carvings. Atop the cupo…
Church in Lviv

Dormition Church

This Ukrainian Orthodox church is easily distinguished by the 65m-high, triple-tiered Kornyakt bell tower rising beside it. The tower was named after its Greek benefactor, a merchant who was also the original owner …
Gallery in Lviv

Lviv Art Gallery

Lviv's main art repository has two wings – one in the lavish Pototsky Palace (Палац Потоцького), the other around the corner on vul Stefanyka. The former houses an impressive collection of European art from the 14th…
Museum in Lviv

Lviv History Museum

Lviv's main museum is split into three collections dotted around pl Rynok. The best branch is at No 6. Here you can enjoy the Italian Renaissance inner courtyard and slide around the exquisitely decorated interior i…
Museum in Lviv

Lvivske Museum of Beer & Brewing

The oldest still-functioning brewery in Ukraine turns 300 in 2015, and a tasting tour, which runs roughly every 1½ hours, through the mainly underground facilities is well worth the trek out of the city centre. One …
Museum in Lviv

Museum of Ethnography, Arts & Crafts

This unimaginatively curated museum has a few interesting pieces of furniture, Czech glass, Art Nouveau posters (Mucha, Lautrec) and various 19th- and 20th-century decorative items from across Europe, the whole cabo…
Museum in Lviv

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

This open-air museum displays different regional styles of farmsteads, windmills, churches and schools, which dot a huge park to the east of the city centre. Everything is pretty spread out here and a visit involves…
Museum in Lviv

Museum of Religious History

Attached to the Dominican Cathedral and Monastery and to the left of the entrance is the Museum of Religious History, which was an atheist museum in Soviet times.