Top Choice Cemetery in Lviv

Lychakivsky Cemetery

Don't leave town until you've seen this amazing 42ha cemetery, only a short ride on tram 7 from the centre. This is the Père Lachaise of Eastern Europe, with the same sort of overgrown grounds and Gothic aura as the…
Top Choice Museum in Lviv


Revamped in 2017, the museum belonging to Lviv's brewery is an impressive, modern experience, a world away for the rickety post-Soviet repositories of the past found in many Ukrainian cities. The well-presented exhi…
Top Choice Museum in Lviv

National Museum and Memorial to the Victims of Occupation

This infamous building on vul Bryullova was used as a prison by the Poles, Nazis and communists in turn, but the small and very moving exhibition over two floors focuses on Stalinist atrocities in the early years of…
Top Choice Museum in Ternopil

Museum of Political Prisoners

A block back from bul Shevchenka, this former KGB prison is where several prominent members of UPA and OUN were held, tortured and shot in the years of Soviet repression following WWII. The prison only closed in 198…
Top Choice Square in Lviv

Ploshcha Rynok

Lviv was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1998, and this old market square lies at its heart. The square was progressively rebuilt after a major fire in the early 16th century destroyed the original. Around …
Top Choice Landmark in Lviv

High Castle Hill

Around a 2km walk from pl Rynok, visiting the High Castle (Vysoky Zamok) on Castle Hill (Zamkova Hora) is a quintessential Lviv experience. There’s little evidence of the 14th-century ruined stone fort that was Lviv…
Top Choice Museum in Lviv

Lviv History Museum – Rynok 24

This branch of the Lviv History Museum expounds on the city's very early days starting with early cultures that inhabited Galicia and ending with the arrival of printing in the city in the 16th century.
Top Choice Notable Building in Lviv


The city fathers have occupied this location since the 14th century, but the present-day Italianate look dates to 1835. In a sign of openness and transparency, visitors are allowed to roam the corridors of power, bu…
Top Choice Museum in Lviv

Apteka Museum

This fascinating pharmacy museum is located inside a still-functioning chemist's shop dating from 1735. Buy a ticket from the pharmacist and head down into the pidval (cellar) via rooms filled with still medicinally…
Monastery in Western Ukraine

Pochayiv Monastery

Its ornate golden domes rising up from the surrounding plain, Pochayiv Monastery is a beacon of Ukrainian Orthodoxy (Moscow Patriarchate) on the edge of a largely Ukrainian Catholic region. Indeed, it’s the country’…