Top things to do

Top Choice International in Uzhhorod


'The Kitchen' serves high-quality European food in a jazzy, contemporary dining room from where you can watch chefs prepping your meal. A few traditional Carpathian dishes make it onto the menu (eel, boar) but inter…
Top Choice Castle in Uzhhorod

Uzhhorod Castle

On the hill overlooking the town stands the 15th-century castle with massive walls and beefy bastions built to withstand Turkish assaults. The main palace is home to the Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore (Закарпа…
Top Choice European in Uzhhorod

Cafe-Muzey Pid Zamkom

Wistfully celebrating Ungvar's all-too-short decades in the lap of Czechoslovak affluence, this great pub and nostalgia museum rolled into one is packed with chipped enamel signs, radios, typewriters and other assor…
Area in Uzhhorod

Cheshsky Kvartal

A short walk west of the immediate city centre, hemmed by the Uzh River on its southern flank, lies the Czech Quarter, an unexpected neighbourhood of 1920s Czech admin buildings and tenements, a treat for architect…
Museum in Uzhhorod

Folk Architecture & Life Museum

Next door to Uzhhorod Castle, this is one of the tidiest open-air museums in the country, albeit small. Highlights include several Hutsul cottages with their bench-lined walls, a complete timber school and the timbe…
Cafe in Uzhhorod

Eat Me

With colourful splashes of decor standing out against white walls, friendly service and liberally strewn design magazines, this is Uzhhorod's coolest place to take a break. Avoid the waffle menu and go for the sandw…
Notable Building in Uzhhorod


Built in 1911, it's pretty obvious at first glance that this beautiful concert venue began life as a synagogue. Its intricately carved terracota facade makes this Uzhhorod's most impressive edifice. To the left of t…
Microbrewery in Uzhhorod


Uzhhorod's top tavern is this microbrewery south of the river where large copper brewing cauldrons supply drinkers with four types of excellent beer. They also serve lots of soak-up material and guarantee a lively a…
Ukrainian in Uzhhorod

Uzhhorodsky Zamok

Cosy, old-fashioned restaurant at the castle if you happen to finish a tour at feeding time. Polite waiters keep you supplied with hearty, meaty, spice-filled dishes as you enjoy the slightly upmarket feel of what w…
Cafe in Uzhhorod

Cafe Mir

This funky little oasis serves pizzas, cakes and drinks as you surf the web on chequered sofas. Tibetan prayer flags drape the interior and there's Mizhhirske beer on tap.