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Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Private Sofievka Park in Uman Tour from Kiev

Visit a splendid Sofievka Park in Uman on a private full-day tour from Kiev. Spend a wonderful time in a charming arboretum that attracts tourists all year round. Find out a love story of Count Potocki and his wife Sofia and enjoy the outstanding example of a park design. With a professional guide, you will have unforgettable impressions of this tour.
10 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base Trip from Kiev

Visit Ukraine’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base in Pervomaisk on a 10-hour private tour that includes hotel pickup and drop-off in Kiev. Learn about Cold War-era military operations, visit the Strategic Missile Forces Museum, then descend into a Unified Launch Control Center that’s buried 108 feet (33 meters) below the surface. Enjoy the flexibility of a private tour that can be customized to your interests; this tour is priced per-group, for 1–3, 4–6, or 7–15 people. At the end of the tour you can enjoy the Military Track Riding SA-13 "Gopher" NATO reporting name,  (Russian; 9K35 Strela-10) - 30 minutes in distance 5 km for the 1 or 2 persons.
10 hours
Outdoor Activities

Arboretum Sofiyevka Park in Uman from Kiev

A monument to landscape architecture art of 17- 19 centuries. In Ukraine is located in the town of Uman in the Cherkasy region. The Park was created by Ukrainian and Russian serfs under supervision of talented architect and engineer Ludwig Metzel. This creation is called the "Ukrainian miracle".
8 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Private Tour of Chassidic Grave of Nachman of Breslov in Uman from Kiev

Take the chance to visit the grave of Nachman of Breslov (Hebrew: נחמן מברסלב‎‎), also known as Reb Nachman of Bratslav, Reb Nachman Breslover (Yiddish: רב נחמן ברעסלאווער‎), Nachman from Uman (April 4, 1772 – October 16, 1810), was the founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement.
7 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Military Tour of Track Riding SA-13 GOPFER and Missile Base

Enjoy the one day Combo Military Tour with Riding the Soviet time missile system 9K35 Strela 10 and visit Museum of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base of ICBM silo launcher in city Pervomaisk what is located 300 km from Kiev. Take a ride duration 30 minutes in distance 5 km with the driver instructor. Take down by lift to the Launch Control Center 30 meters in deep.
1 day