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Local Transport

Ukrainian cities are navigable by trolleybus, tram, bus and (in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro) metro. Urban public-transport systems are usually overworked and overcrowded. There's no room for being shy or squeamish – learn to assert yourself quickly.

  • A ticket (kvytok or bilyet) for one ride by bus/tram/trolleybus costs 2uah to 5uah.
  • There are virtually no return, transfer, timed or day tickets available anywhere.
  • It's always simplest to pay the driver or conductor.
  • Tickets have to be punched on board (or ripped by the conductor).
  • Unclipped or untorn tickets warrant an on-the-spot fine should you be caught.
  • For the metros you need a plastic token (zheton), sold at the counters inside the stations. Top-up cards are now also available in Kyiv.
  • Metros run from around 5.30am to midnight.