Top Choice International in Chernivtsi


Tea, porridge, English breakfasts – if you're from Blighty you'll love this tranquil retreat with its boutique interior, impeccably polite, English-speaking waiters and a quite un-Ukrainian atmosphere of calm and un…
Top Choice Hutsul in Yaremche


Quite understandably the backdrop to many souvenir photos, this ornate log cabin, with its central spire and understated sprinkling of Hutsul colour, serves pretty decent food. The menu includes river fish, forest m…
Top Choice Central European in Uzhhorod

Cafe-Muzey Pid Zamkom

Wistfully celebrating Ungvar's all-too-short decades in the lap of Czechoslovak affluence, this great pub and nostalgia museum rolled into one is packed with chipped enamel signs, radios, typewriters and other assor…
Top Choice Health Food in Ivano-Frankivsk


Floating cloth lamps, simple timber furniture and a jolly soundtrack (Russian techno-pop is banned) greet you at this cosy, family-friendly place, I-F’s most laid-back eatery. The menu is a simple affair of delights…
International in Chernivtsi


Indoors this place teleports you to a kind of Ukrainian Bavaria, but summer is the best time to visit Knaus when you can sit out with a Krombacher beer in the courtyard beergarden. The menu is a mixed bag of Ukraini…
International in Uzhhorod


Locals consider this one of the better restaurants in town. European and Ukrainian dishes are served, but it's known for its grilled meats, fish and rooftop terrace with pretty Uzh River views.
Cafe in Uzhhorod

Kaktus Kafe

The vaguely Wild West/Aztec theme may sit incongrously with the Hutsul/Trans-Carpathian cuisine (try the kremzliki – fried pork with potato pancakes in mushroom sauce) but this central joint is a well-run spot for f…
Hutsul in Yaremche

Kolyba Krasna Sadyba

Krasna Sadyba's kolyba (wooden hut) is rightfully considered the best eating spot in Yaremche, serving sumptuous spit-roasted pork, beef shashlyk (shish kebab), chicken wings or salmon on a terrace overlooking a lea…
International in Rakhiv


Rakhiv's fanciest dining option is a tranquil island of style and efficient service, and a fine place to grab some post-hike grub (but lose the muddy hiking boots first). Everything on the long menu, from local Huts…
Cafe in Uzhhorod

Cafe Mir

Under amiable new ownership, this funky little place serves pizzas, cakes and drinks as you surf the web on chequered sofas. Tibetan prayer flags drape the interior and there's Mizhhirske beer on tap.