Top Choice Notable Building in Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi University

University buildings are often called 'dreaming spires', but Chernivtsi's is more like a trip on LSD. This fantastic, now Unesco-listed red-brick ensemble, with coloured tiles decorating its pseudo-Byzantine, pseudo…
Top Choice Cathedral in Ivano-Frankivsk

Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection

The city's punctiliously renovated Greek Catholic cathedral is a fine example of baroque symmetry crafted in the mid-18th century. Huge bronzes of St Volodymyr and Princess Olga stand by the entrance, solomnly usher…
Top Choice Church in Ivano-Frankivsk

Former Armenian Church

A few steps off pl Rynok stands this eye-pleasingly symmetrical baroque church built by the Armenian community in 1762. Beyond the golden doors the interior is a typically fragrant affair busy with head-scarved babu…
Top Choice Museum in Kolomyya

Museum of Hutsul Folk Art

This well-curated exhibition of Hutsul artefacts is probably the best of its kind in Ukraine. Decorated stove tiles and other ceramics, musical instruments, carved wooden tools, boxes, furniture, traditional and emb…
Top Choice Museum in Kolomyya

Pysanky Museum

Kolomyya's most eye-catching attraction is a monster concrete Easter egg, which sits rather self-consciously on the town's main square. Inside and in an adjoining building you'll discover a museum dedicated to the t…
Top Choice Castle in Uzhhorod

Uzhhorod Castle

On the hill overlooking town stands the 15th-century castle with massive walls and beefy bastions built to withstand Turkish assaults. The main palace is home to the Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore (Закарпатськ…
Castle in Khotyn

Khotyn Fortress

While Kamyanets-Podilsky is awesome taken as a whole, its castle building is upstaged by Khotyn Fortress. Eastern European filmmakers love to use this massive fort overlooking the Dnister River as a location; recent…
Museum in Ivano-Frankivsk

Precarpathian Art Museum

Ensconced in the 17th-century Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the city's oldest building, this museum is packed with a jumble of religious sculptures and paintings from around Central Europe.
Museum in Ivano-Frankivsk

Regional Museum

The city's epicentre is pl Rynok (Площа Ринок; Rynok Sq), at the centre of which rises the 1930s star-shaped town hall, the only one in Ukraine built in the Art Deco style. This houses the Soviet-era Regional Museum…
Castle in Mukacheve

Palanok Castle

Mukacheve's highlight is the hilltop castle that pops up from the surrounding plain as you approach Mukacheve from Uzhhorod, like something in a fairy-tale fantasy. This 14th-century castle, famous as the site where…