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Top Choice Museum in Simferopol

Taurida Central Museum

Crimea's largest museum consists of three main sections. The first is a collection of golden artefacts, produced by Hellenized Alano-Goths in the princedom of Feodoro – currently Mangup-Kale. It is located in a guar…
Russian in Simferopol

Grand Cafe Chekhov

In this beautifully designed oasis of whiteness and coolness, you can just imagine that Anton Pavlovich himself is treating you to classic Russian specialities, such as ukha fish soup and bliny (pancakes), at his Cr…
Coffee in Simferopol


The 'exoticism' at this trendy African-themed cafe overdoes its appreciation of the female form. But if you can position yourself where your eye's not being poked out by a photographed nipple, you'll find it takes i…
Cafe in Simferopol


A large verandah in a little park, Ciao is a great place to while away a few hours waiting for your transport out of Simferopol over a cup of coffee or a sumptuous breakfast meal. Service can be slow.
Food & Drinks in Simferopol


Self-caterers should make a beeline to this conveniently located, Western-style supermarket, located inside Univermag. The grocery section is on the ground floor; the minimall is on the 1st floor.
Tatar in Simferopol


This unassuming cafe serves well as an introduction to Crimean Tatar cuisine. Go for grilled meat – shashlyks (shish kebabs) – and make sure you try some traditional sweets.
Vegetarian in Simferopol


A cute vegetarian/vegan cafe serving smallish portions of Indian- and Crimean-influenced dishes.
Mosque in Simferopol

Kebi-Djami Mosque

The restored 16th-century mosque dates back to the Tatar town of Ak-Mechet (White Mosque), a predecessor of Simferopol.