LGBT Travellers

Consensual sex between people of the same gender is legal across Eastern Europe, but the general population isn't always open-minded.

  • The Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovenia have the best reputations for acceptance of LGBT+ people (and Prague has a thriving gay scene).
  • You are unlikely to raise eyebrows by sharing a double room with your same-sex partner in larger towns and cities, but rural areas might be a different story.
  • In many countries, overt displays of affection between members of the same sex are likely to attract negative attention.
  • LGBT+ travellers should be particularly cautious in Bulgaria, Belarus, Hungary, Russia and Romania.
  • Most countries have online forums and gay advocacy groups.
  • Many Eastern European capitals have small but active scenes, and annual pride parades, though some of these have attracted counter-demonstrations.
  • Outside large towns, gay and lesbian life is invisible and the internet is the only realistic way to make contact with other gay people.