Odesa drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Odesa


It feels like entering a shkaf (wardrobe) from the outside, but what you find inside is a heaving basement bar–club, a surefire antidote to Odesa's trendy beach-club scene and pick-up bars. The inconspicuous, unmark…
Top Choice Bar in Odesa


Each of the three young owners here throw something into the mix: Israeli cultural influence, French culinary education and really good musical taste. That makes this place a bit like one of its famous cocktails: si…
Club in Odesa


As often happens, you need to walk an extra mile to find something smarter than the clubs on Arkadia. This one attracts a crowd of goatee-bearded Vespa drivers and showcases Russian/Ukrainian musicians beloved by th…
Bar in Odesa

The Fitz

Doubling as a barbershop by day, this little bar has an edgy, decadent feel enhanced by aged walls and a magnificent chandelier that bedazzles incoming customers. Some patrons occupy barbers' work stations, complete…
Bar in Odesa

Friends and Beer

This charming re-created USSR-era living room littered with photos of Russian film stars is proof that 'retro Soviet' doesn't have to mean political posters and Constructivist art. The huge TV screen is possibly not…
Coffee in Odesa

Kofeynya ZheTo

If one dessert can save the world, then it is Kyiv-style cake produced in this tiny coffee shop that looks like a slightly cramped dollhouse. But the main emphasis here is on quality brews and refreshing lemonade. I…
Coffee in Odesa

Foundation Roasters

Designed in a cool, retro-industrial style, this coffee shop is run by bearded lumberjack hipsters who approach the brewing process with a near-academic seriousness and excel in it in a big way. If there were a Nobe…
Club in Odesa


It's slightly more downmarket than other clubs in Arkadia and consequently often rowdier (in a good way). The Greek columns and statues are a tad much, but you'll hardly care when it's 5am after a big night out. Lik…
Irish Pub in Odesa

Mick O'Neill's Irish Bar

This long-standing Irish pub is a great place to start an evening and an even better place to finish it, as it's the only outdoor patio on vul Derybasivska that's open round the clock.
Club in Odesa


This white, open, cave-like structure is Arkadia's most upmarket and most expensive club. European DJs and big-ticket Russian and Ukrainian pop bands often play here. Ticket prices can be high when a big act is in t…