Film in Odesa

Odesa Film Festival

Odesa Film Festival is the main summer event that culminates in a silent film show on Potemkin Steps accompanied by a live musical performance by leading international musicians and orchestras.
Food & Drink in Odesa

Tzimes Market

A rather massive street-food event held in various locations a few times a year, with stalls and field kitchens set up by city's leading restaurants and Ukrainian microbreweries.
Fiesta in Odesa

Odesa City Day

Held annually on 2 September with parades, concerts and every other form of entertainment on bul Primorsky and all around the city, this is a frivolous celebration, its quality depending on who the current mayor is.
Carnival in Odesa

Carnival Humorina

Odesa's annual Carnival Humorina, celebrated on 1 April, is no joke. The festival fills the streets with carnival floats, music and drunks, and is the biggest party of the year for most Odessites.