Bar in Odesa

Morgan Club

By day Morgan is a pretty benign breakfast or lunch spot or early-evening drinks stop, but at night capable DJs spin till the wee hours and there's a funky downstairs lounge. The crowd of expats, local heavies/beaut…
Club in Odesa


This white, free-form, open, cave-like structure is Arkadia's most upmarket and most expensive club. European DJs and big-ticket Russian and Ukrainian pop bands often play here. Ticket prices can be high when a big …
Club in Odesa


It's slightly more downmarket than other clubs in Arkadia and consequently often rowdier (in a good way). The Greek columns and statues are a tad much, but you'll hardly care when it's 5am and you are out of your go…
Live Music in Odesa

Odessa Philharmonic Hall

Housed in the beautiful building of Odesa's former stock exchange. Unfortunately, the original inhabitants – traders – asked the architects for a building with subdued acoustics, so that their business talks couldn'…
Booking Service in Odesa

Teatralna Kasa

Theatre, concert and opera tickets can be purchased at the venues or various Teatralna Kasa. There’s one on the corner of vul Derybasivska and vul Rishelevska.
Club in Odesa


The winter headquarters of Itaka takes up the slack downtown when Itaka shuts down in September. There's a nightly show at around 11pm, followed by general debauchery.
Club in Odesa


As it often happens, you'd need to walk an extra mile to find something smarter than clubs on Arkadia. This one attracts a crowd of goatee-bearded, Vespa-driving people and invites Russian/Ukrainian musicians belove…
Gay in Odesa


One of Ukraine's best openly gay clubs with Friday and Saturday night shows beginning at 1am.
Theatre in Odesa

Odesa Opera & Ballet Theatre

In addition to being architecturally magnificent, Odesa's theatre is also known for its marvellous acoustics. Unfortunately, the local opera company does not do justice to the theatre's impressive physical attribute…