Top Choice Chocolate in Lviv

Lvivska Maysternya Shokoladu

A chocoholic's dream, nothing quite prepares you for this branch of Lviv's most famous franchise export. Over several floors of a seemingly endlessly vertical old townhouse, you'll find countless cafe tables intersp…
Top Choice Food in Lviv

Lvivska Maysternya Pryanykiv

This award-winning gingerbread shop is a must-see, even if you are on a sugar-free diet. The delicious tooth-rotters are decorated in everything from Ukrainian tridents and embroidery motifs to The Simpsons and funn…
Top Choice Clothing in Lviv


If you are in the market for some traditional Ukrainian folk costume and have rather a large budget, this vintage emporium sells the real thing with exquisitely crafted vyshyvanky (embroidered tunics), ruchnyky (orn…
Books in Lviv

Second-hand Book Market

Gathered aptly around the statue of Ukraine's first printer, Fedorov, this been-here-forever second-hand book market offers an eclectic range of reading matter, from Kobzar in original to Mein Kampf, Polish cookbook…
Arts & Crafts in Lviv

Iconart Gallery

Small shop and adjoining gallery specialising in high-quality modern twists on sacral art, including brightly coloured icons painted on glass and aged lime wood. Many of the artists work as curators and restorers at…
Books in Lviv

Knyharnya Ye

Part of a chain, this excellent bookstore is of interest to foreign visitors thanks to its maps (Carpathians, other Ukrainian cities), better-than-average range of postcards, Lviv-themed guides in English and impres…
Market in Lviv

Outdoor Arts & Crafts Market

Located opposite the Zankovetska Theatre, this quite large market is the place to head if you are in the market for some Putin toilet roll, hairy Carpathian rugs, Soviet and prewar junk, pysanky (patterned eggs), wo…
Food & Drinks in Lviv


Lviv's best central supermarket is this round-the-clock affair buried deep under the embarrassingly upmarket Roksolana shopping mall. For a cheap and healthy picnic meal try their huge range of ready-made food price…
Music in Lviv

Vinil Klub

Lviv's first post-digital vinyl shop is a cool place with racks of used LPs from both abroad and the ex-USSR, Ukrainian CDs and a cellar where you can lounge around on beanbags listening to Lviv rock or Bob Marley.
Chocolate in Lviv


The Lviv branch of president Poroshenko's signature chocolate shop is a carbon copy of all the others across Ukraine, complete with clockwork window display, large pick 'n' mix sweet section and powerful air-con.