Ukrainian in Lutsk

Korona Vitovta

The idea behind Lutsk's grandest restaurant came from a recipe book – unearthed during an archaeological dig – that belonged to the cook of King Vitovta of Lithuania. The current chef remains as faithful as possible…
Pub Food in Lutsk

Brave Schweyk

Named for the famous fictional Czech soldier Švejk (Schweik in German) in Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek, this place harks back to the novel's Austro-Hungarian era with its mix of sausages, goulash, pigs' knuc…
Ukrainian in Lutsk

Teatralne Kafe

The Theatre Cafe is a cheap 'n' cheerful self-service canteen where chirpy dinner ladies plate up Ukrainian comfort food plus the odd foreign invader such as pizza. There's also good coffee, a dessert section and be…