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Lutsk's large, shabby but functional bus station (watch out for beggars and pickpockets here) is 2km northeast of the city centre, next to a huge market; trolleybus 5 (2uah, 20 minutes), plus numerous marshrutky, link it to central maydan Teatralny (look for signs like центр or цум).

Scheduled bus connections:

Dubno 50uah, 1½ hours, at least hourly

Kremenets 70uah, two hours, hourly

Lviv 110uah, 3½ hours, 13 daily

Ternopil 104uah, 3½ hours, 11 daily


The train station is just a little south of the bus station, and also northeast of the city centre. Trolleybuses 4 and 7, plus numerous marshrutky, shuttle between here and maydan Teatralny. There are two trains to and from Kyiv (174 to 206uah, 6½ to 7½ hours); the best of these is the overnight express leaving Lutsk at 11.28pm.