Gifts & Souvenirs in Kyiv


On the sweet-tooth front, there is nothing more symbolic than Kyivsky Tort, a nutty, layered sponge cake sold in circular cardboard cartons. Its main producer has a chain of immaculate shops, including this one by t…
Market in Kyiv

Bessarabsky Rynok

Grocery shopping is rarely such an aesthetically pleasing experience, so this historical market full of colourful fruit and veg should definitely not be missed. This is also the place to buy Ukraine trademark salo.
Toys in Kyiv

Kyivsky Vedmedik

This tiny shop, which comes with an even tinier cafe, sells hand-made teddy bears, produced by Ukrainian artists. Some bears are just cute, some are dressed as Cossacks, some look like they hail from outlying galaxi…
Market in Kyiv

Petrivka Market

Locals call it the 'book market', but you can get a vast array of junk here. It's also Kyiv's main receptacle of DVDs, CDs and software of questionable legitimacy.
Food in Kyiv


Maps in Kyiv


A good selection of maps can be found in this centrally located shop.