Co-Working Cafes

Open co-working spaces are all the rage in Kyiv these days. Often called 'anti-cafes' or 'khipstery' (hipster) cafes, the best ones are a cross between a really cool internet cafe and an artfully designed coffee shop, offering free coffee (you pay for time spent), high-speed wi-fi and a creative environment. Some hold community events such as acoustic concerts and poetry readings. One of the best, albeit a little out of the way, is Izone at the Izolyatsia arts centre. Others include the following:

Chasopys A super-comfortable environment where you can surf the web using your own gadget or one of the local notebooks. There are many nooks and crannies that you can choose, depending on whether you want to be close to other people or left completely alone.

Tsiferblat Kyiv's original open space is more artsy and less businesslike than others. Attracts younger people, hosts an English club and holds a Saturday movie night. To find it, enter the courtyard of the new business centre, walk past Barkas restaurant and then down one level.