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Kaniv, 162km down the Dnipro from Kyiv, is the spot they chose. In 1925 the steep and scenic bluff overlooking the river, Tarasova Hora, was designated a State Cultural Preserve. Today the shrine is accessible via a long and steep staircase. On top you'll find the poet's tomb crowned with a tremendous statue of the man himself.

There is an observation point in front of the statue with breathtaking views of the Dnipro. Behind the grave is the huge and surprisingly glitzy Taras Shevchenko Museum, which features interactive touchscreens, glass cases of first editions and big-print engravings of the moustachioed one.

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Taras Shevchenko National Preserve Private Tour from Kiev

A day trip to Kaniv starts with the hotel pick up. The distance from Kiev to Kaniv is 126 km and takes about 2-hour drive. During the road, your private guide will enlighten you about the role of T. Shevchenko in the Ukrainian history, telling you the most interesting facts from his life. Moreover, you will contemplate picturesque landscapes from the windows of your private vehicle.Taras Shevchenko is a legendary personality renowned far beyond Ukraine. His role in the Ukrainian and world literature is more than substantial. His world-famous poetry collection called “Kobzar” is one of his most popular works that was translated to more than a hundred of foreign languages. In addition, over a thousand of monuments worldwide are devoted to a legendary Ukrainian poet.Among numerous museums of T. Shevchenko, the one in Kaniv is exceptional, as it is one of the eldest Ukrainian museums. Moreover, it is the exact place where the famed poet was buried in accordance with his own will. You will visit the poet’s burial place on the Tarasova Mountain, overlooking a marvelous Dnieper River. The T. Shevchenko’s Memorial Museum established in 1937 and renewed in 2010 is located not far from it. The museum’s collection includes a big number of exclusive exhibits and unique early copies of T. Shevchenko poems, audio and photo materials.The traditional museum Tarasova Svitlitsa is another place of interest dedicated to the great poet that was built in far 1884. This is a great example of traditional Ukrainian hut, decorated with rare icons, Ukrainian embroidered towels, headdresses and T. Shevchenko’s portraits.You will have a pleasant walk through quiet and cozy area of the Reserve, admiring the wonderful panorama of the Dnieper River. After the tour, you will have free time in the city, where you may have lunch (optional, own expense). Then, you will return to Kiev, where the driver takes you directly to your hotel.