hryvnya (uah)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 1000uah (US$40)

  • Dorm bed or single room: 150–500uah
  • Local meal & a beer: 100uah
  • Museum admission: 25–75uah
  • Metro ride: 5uah

Midrange: 1000–2500uah (US$40–100)

  • Double room or apartment: 500–1500uah
  • Meal with drinks: 150–300uah
  • Taxi or Uber ride: 40–80uah
  • Opera or football ticket: 50–100uah

Top end: More than 2500uah (US$100)

  • Comfortable double room: 2000–4000uah
  • Dinner & drinks at a top restaurant: 400–800uah
  • Private walking tour: 1000–2000uah
  • Night out in cocktail bar or club: 1000–3000uah


Haggling is not common in Ukraine and probably shouldn't be attempted. The only time we would recommend it is if you know you are being overcharged at a market.


Both ATMs and exchange booths signposted 'обмін валют' (obmin valyut) are ubiquitous. Rates offered by exchange booths in hotels are not necessarily worse. Larger banks will cash travellers cheques and give cash advances on credit cards.