Top things to do in Kremenets

Cemetery in Kremenets

Pyatnystke Cemetery

Some 100 or so of the Cossacks who died in the skirmishes during the Khmelnytsky uprising against Poland in 1648 are buried in the remarkable Pyatnytske Kladovyshche (Pyatnystke Cemetery), where stubby stone crosses…
Castle in Kremenets

Kremenets Fortress

The remains of this hilltop fortress are easily breeched by individual hikers and day trippers. Dating from at least the 12th century, and possibly earlier, the zamok (castle) lies in ruins, with only a ring of wall…
Notable Building in Kremenets

Jesuit Collegium

When the Poles regained control of Kremenets, they sealed their victory by building another of the town's main sights, the Jesuit Collegium (1731–43), on the main drag. In turn, the Soviets sealed their triumph in W…
Museum in Kremenets

Regional Museum

The obscure Regional Museum is worth a spin for its back-to-the-1980s exhibition and light-switch monitors. Highlights include some interesting Cossack and Kyivan Rus–era finds, some surprisingly modest folk costume…
Supermarket in Kremenets

Vopak supermarket

The Vopak supermarket next to the bus station is a good source of self-catering and picnic supplies.