Catacomb in Kerch

Adzhimushkay Defence Museum

Catacombs in the Kerch suburb of Adzhimushkay (Аджимушкай) have been a source of construction material for the city from time immemorial. Early Christians held their clandestine services here in the 2nd century AD. …
Tomb in Kerch

Tsarsky Kurgan

Eight hundred metres from the Adzhimushkay Defence Museum, there is a monument from a completely different epoch. This empty, 4th-century-BC burial mound is thought to be the grave of a Bosporan king. Its exterior i…
Tomb in Kerch

Melek-Chesmensky Kurgan

Hardly any bus station in the world can boast a Scythian burial mound on the premises, but there is one in Kerch. Much smaller than Tsarsky Kurgan, it was the grave of a small boy, thought to be a Bosporan prince.
Historic Site in Kerch

Mithridates Hill

The first thing to do in Kerch is to take the 432 stairs up the central Mithridates Hill. The view from the summit is brilliant, and on the lee side the ruins of the ancient city of Panticapaeum have been revealed i…