Area in Feodosiya

Prospekt Ayvazovskogo

With the cacophony of tourist agents touting their services through loudspeakers, along with terrible music, junk-food smells and a train line right on the beach to complete the picture, Feodosiya's seaside promenad…
Church in Feodosiya

Sub-Sarkis Church

Small and almost literally down to earth, the town's main Armenian church was built in 1363. Its walls are adorned with numerous khachkar – stone plaques with crosses marking historic events. Ivan Ayvazovsky got chr…
Gallery in Feodosiya

Ayvazovsky Gallery

Born in 1817, the most celebrated son of Feodosiya and of its Armenian community, Ivan Ayvazovsky became the official painter of the Russian Navy, assigned with recording all of its victories and defeats on canvas. …
Fortress in Feodosiya

Genovese Citadel

Not nearly as spectacular as its Sudak counterpart, and neglected by the authorities, this is still a beautifully melancholic place where you can get away from the crowds and check out several medieval Armenian chur…
Historic Building in Feodosiya

Dacha Stamboli

The Ottoman-style Dacha Stamboli was once home to a wealthy tobacco merchant, the building’s exterior is a trifle weather-beaten, but its ornate restored interior is one of Crimea’s best.
Historic Building in Feodosiya

Villa Victoria

Historic Building in Feodosiya

Villa Milos