Top Choice Opera in Kyiv

Taras Shevchenko National Opera Theatre

Performances at this lavish theatre (opened 1901) are grandiose affairs, but tickets are cheap. True disciples of Ukrainian culture should not miss a performance of Zaporozhets za Dunaem (Zaporizhzhyans Beyond the D…
Top Choice Live Music in Kyiv

National Philharmonic

Originally the Kyiv Merchants' Assembly headquarters, this beautiful building is now home to the national orchestra, plus many other musical treats.
Live Music in Kyiv

Bel Etage

Definitely check the website to see what's going on here, as they draw some really top-notch international music talent, especially jazz and blues. In the summer the action often takes place on the rooftop, filling …
Concert Venue in Kyiv


This industrial-style multi-storey venue, complete with roof terrace, caters to all musical tastes from techno to heavy metal with a sprinkling of theatre and poetry readings. The best of the best in Ukrainian and f…
Live Music in Odesa

Odessa Philharmonic Hall

Housed in Odesa's beautiful former stock exchange building. Unfortunately, the original inhabitants (traders) asked the architects for a building with subdued acoustics, so that their business discussions couldn't b…
Circus in Zaporizhzhya

Khortitsa Equestrian Theatre

Standing on top of a horse, attached to the side of a horse, hanging upside down on a horse – Cossacks defy fear and forces of gravitation in this captivating (and humorous) show. The venue resembles a Ukrainian vil…
Spectator Sport in Kyiv

Olympic Stadium

Kyiv's main football arena was completely rebuilt for the Euro 2012 football (soccer) tournament. Today it's the home stadium for Dynamo Kyiv and hosts most of Ukraine's international matches, as well as the occasio…
Theatre in Odesa

Odesa Opera & Ballet Theatre

In addition to being architecturally magnificent, Odesa's theatre is also known for its marvellous acoustics. Unfortunately, the local opera company does not do justice to the theatre's impressive physical attribute…
Concert Venue in Ivano-Frankivsk

Pasage Gartenberg

Multipurpose entertainment centre in an early 20th-century former shopping gallery slap-bang in the middle of the city with 5D cinema, nightclub, pizzeria, bar, restaurant, kids room and live music. Some of the bigg…
Arts Centre in Odesa

Green Theatre

A child of the Maidan revolution, the revived open-air stage at Shevchenko Park has become a magnet for Odesa intellectuals who flock here for Ukrainian and Russian bands, film screenings and literary evenings. With…