Top ChoiceUkrainian in Kharkiv

Plasticine Crow

If you've been to Lviv, this is one of those – ‘emotional restaurants’ – again. Hungry? Get some theatre for starters. To come in, you'll first have to confront a ‘janitor’ character who will be helping you to...

Top ChoiceUkrainian in Dnipro

Café Myshi Blyakhera

There is an overcomplicated pun in the name involving mice and a retired Jewish gangster who allegedly left a handwritten book of recipes in this cellar place. If we are to believe the legend, this hardened man...

Top ChoiceUkrainian in Poltava


Halushky are inverted dumplings – cubes of baked dough mixed with whatever is used as a filling in conventional dumplings. Come here to sample the famous Poltava variety, served with chicken meat or liver, as...

Top ChoiceEastern European in Chernihiv


One level smarter than other restaurants in Chernihiv, this cosy establishment specialises in grilled meat and specifically in pork – think steak and shashlyk. The atmosphere is homey if a tad macabre, what with...

Top ChoiceEuropean in Donetsk

Yuzovskaya Pivovarnya

A tribute to the city founder John Hughes, this place is full of shiny brass – that of the mini- brewery pumping fresh brew into the pipes that take it straight to your table. All you need is to open the tap. A...

Georgian in Dnipro

Puri Chveni

Dark stone, aged wood and the smell of baking khachapuri (cheese pastry) – that's a combination which instantly carries one across the Caucasus range into Georgia's gastronomical Eden. A very modern take on the...

Czech in Kharkiv


Rivers of beer cut through mountains of meat to the sound of um-pah-pah music in this Kharkivite version of a Czech pub. There is a microbrewery on the premises pumping out fresh lager and ale, which contributes...

European in Dnipro


Reporter has three wings: a ground-floor coffeehouse serving breakfasts and possibly the plumpest, tastiest homemade varenyky (stuffed, ravioli-like dumplings) in the land; a chichi restaurant upstairs; and a...

Cafe in Chernihiv

Sharlotka/Varenichna Baluvana Halya

Sharlotka is a laid-back coffeehouse, good for snacks and light lunches; adjoining Varenichna is an unexpectedly sophisticated but inexpensive cafe serving a refreshingly limited menu of Ukrainian dishes in a...

Ukrainian in Zaporizhzhya


This lovely restaurant, with a wood-filled interior and many multicoloured fish-shaped objects adorning the walls, could have easily become our favourite in a more sophisticated city than Zaporizhzhya. The main...

Caucasian in Kharkiv


Don’t be fooled by the plain, though pleasant, interior of this place – here the focus is firmly on well-crafted food from Ukraine and the Caucasus with a menu of khachapuri (Georgian cheese-filled bread),...

Ukrainian in Kharkiv

The Varenik

Varenyky (triangular-shaped dumplings) are the chubby Zeus of the Ukrainian culinary pantheon. Here is the place not only to gorge on them, experimenting with various fillings – from liver to sweet cherries – but...

Grill in Zaporizhzhya

Pub Tyrlo

With bare concrete walls, this cellar place underneath a Stalin-era apartment block could have been a nuclear bunker, but now it is a lively restaurant that specialises in two products that some find essential...

Russian in Zaporizhzhya


This unassuming tiny cafe sets the golden standard for pelmeni (Russian meat-filled dumplings) and their triangular-shaped Ukrainian cousins, varenyki. All dumplings are made by hand in front of you and you can...

Eastern European in Dnipro

Papa Karla

An ubercute 20th-century nostalgia place without hammers and sickles – think visiting a Soviet granny back in the 1970s. Savour your beetroot-and-prune salad or steam cutlets made of pike to the soundtrack of...

International in Kharkiv

Dedushka s Tatuirovkoy Drakona

With an inviting terrace that lures a smart youngish crowd on hot summer evenings, the Grandad with Dragon Tattoo (a play on words from Stieg Larsson's book) specialises in gourmet burgers and other meat dishes,...

Turkish in Zaporizhzhya


Turkish expats run this pleasant eatery just off pr Lenina. The convenient picture menu features lots of shashlyks and appetising Turkish snacks. Patrons smoke shisha on an open-air terrace.

European in Chernihiv


A vaguely central European cellar pub with chatty waiters who like to show their proficiency in foreign languages (mostly German). Meat in all shapes dominates the menu. Just off Krasna pl.

Pub Food in Poltava

Sto Dorih

Studenty watering hole and live-music venue, with weekend rock bands, a long beer menu, and a big and busy summer beer garden.

Ukrainian in Poltava


Resembling a Ukrainian khutor (a traditional farmstead) with lots of outdoor seating in a lush garden, this folksy restaurant is the place to go if you need an introduction to Ukrainian cuisine. All major...