Best restaurants in Eastern Ukraine

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    Plasticine Crow

    If you've been to Lviv, this is one of those – ‘emotional restaurants’ – again. Hungry? Get some theatre for starters. To come in, you'll first have to confront a ‘janitor’ character who will be helping you to guess the ‘secret password’. Having succeeded, you'll be treated to excellent west Ukrainian food, including goulash and banosh (like polenta). There is no sign, but the white door featuring number 17 is hard to miss. Just walk down and ring the bell. Now what about the 'plasticine crow'? That's the name of an excellent Soviet plasticine cartoon, which features a janitor and a crow. The walls of the restaurant are covered with signs and pictures made with plasticine, and you'll be invited to leave your own legacy. In case you still don't find the experience exceedingly eclectic, a cover band comes to play Soviet pop songs in the evening.

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    Rivers of beer cut through mountains of meat to the sound of um-pah-pah music in this Kharkivite version of a Czech pub. There is a microbrewery on the premises pumping out fresh lager and ale, which contributes to the overall happy party atmosphere and triggers wild, table-crushing dances slightly more often than you need. A full-sized sheep or pig is grilled on an open fire each Saturday and Sunday.

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    Don’t be fooled by the plain, though pleasant, interior of this place – here the focus is firmly on well-crafted food from Ukraine and the Caucasus with a menu of khachapuri (Georgian cheese-filled bread), grilled meats and syrupy desserts infused with authentic flavour. Takeaway dishes (from the counter in the entrance) are 20% cheaper.

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    The Varenik

    Varenyky (triangular-shaped dumplings) are the chubby Zeus of the Ukrainian culinary pantheon. Here is the place not only to gorge on them, experimenting with various fillings – from liver to sweet cherries – but also to see them made by hand in an open kitchen. Fruity nalyvky liquors make up a large part of the drinks menu.

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    Dedushka s Tatuirovkoy Drakona

    With an inviting terrace that lures a smart youngish crowd on hot summer evenings, the Grandad with Dragon Tattoo (a play on words from Stieg Larsson's book) specialises in gourmet burgers and other meat dishes, complemented with Ukrainian and international beers.

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    Puzata Khata

    This city-centre branch of Ukraine's most celebrated fast-food chain is incongruously styled as a warren of thatched cottages bedecked in bucolic knick-knackery, but the food is cheap as you like and it can be elbow-to-elbow at feeding time.