Best hotels and hostels in Eastern Ukraine

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    Hotel 19

    This freshly minted, extravagantly fashioned boutique hotel hides away on a tranquil courtyard just off traffic-plagued vul Sumska. The 24 rooms are a soothing antidote to the remnants of the proletarian utopia outside, all done out in wistful 19th-century antique-style furniture and boasting stuccoed ceilings and libraries (books are in Russian, so just nice to look at for most). Guests can swim for free at the 19's sister hotel Nasha Dacha, located outside the city centre. Ask the extremely professional staff how to get there.

  • Lodging in Kharkiv

    Hotel Cosmopolit

    This sets the standard for contemporary design in Kharkiv, with flatscreen TVs and loads of extras like plush robes and 24-hour room service. The theme is Italian, and breakfast in swanky Da Vinci restaurant is divine. The huge 'king' rooms are worth the splurge (1500uah). If you're here on business, this is your top choice even if it is a short taxi ride from the city centre.

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    Hotel De Gaulle

    Never mind drab surroundings (a football stadium, a bus station and a market), this insular compound succeeds in teleporting its guests from Kharkiv's post-Soviet reality into a Parisian dream, complete with flowery wallpaper, elegant faux-antique furniture and art-deco bathtubs. And yes – you get a proper croissant for breakfast. Two metro stations are both a short walk away.

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    This very reasonably priced hotel, a short walk from both the main bus station and Prospekt Gagarina metro station, is named after a famous Soviet-era aircraft but won’t have you heading for the emergency exit. The 34 contemporary, box-ticking rooms are spotless and well designed, staff speak English and rates include Ukrainian-style breakfast on the 7th floor.

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    Chichikov Hotel

    You may feel you'd like a bit more space in the rooms for the prices this relatively new (2006) epicentral hotel charges, but overall this is a commendable place to kip. Rooms are elegantly furnished, kitted out with all those things you never use and bathrooms are spotless.

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    Hostinny Dvir

    This pretty little hotel set in a courtyard behind the posh Chateau restaurant only really becomes boutique as you summit the room scale at junior suite and suite level. Otherwise quarters are business standard, very comfortable, and boast minibars and soundproof windows.

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    Hotel Kharkiv

    Kharkiv's textbook Soviet behemoth looms over pl Svobody, providing adequately equipped, though unremarkable, rooms in the heart of the city. It's really the cheaper, barely renovated rooms that those on a budget will be interested in. If you've hryvnya to squander, there are more characterful sleeps in town.

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    Kharkov Apartment

    Renovated flats in unrenovated Soviet apartments blocs scattered around the city. Managers Svetlana and Anna speak English.

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    Proprietor Dima offers outstanding service and lets clients use the office internet.