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Top Choice European in Donetsk

Yuzovskaya Pivovarnya

A tribute to the city founder John Hughes, this place is full of shiny brass – that of the mini- brewery pumping fresh brew into the pipes that take it straight to your table. All you need is to open the tap. A larg…
Arts Centre in Donetsk


The new and much lauded contemporary art space occupies a former electric insulator factory standing at the foot of a particularly picturesque slag heap. It hosts a number of international resident artists who draw …
Georgian in Donetsk


A hard-to-miss wooden lakeside terrace brands itself an 'ethnic' restaurant. In fact, it's only real 'ethnic' component is the Georgian part of the menu, which is the main reason to dine here. Definitely go for cold…
Cafeteria in Donetsk

Liverpool Foodmarket

With walls draped in Union Jacks and the Beatles for the soundtrack, this food factory churns out tons of European and Asian meals immediately devoured by a horde of hungry students. Payment is with a deposit card, …
European in Donetsk

Sun City Terrace

This strategically located open-air place (in summer) is always full of people. If two Donetsk residents need to meet for a chat, it will probably be here. In a classic post-Soviet tradition, it serves a bit of ever…
Pub in Donetsk

Golden Lion

Far from your run-of-the-mill Irish pub, and not just because it's spacious enough to hold a rugby game and stays open after midnight. Here you'll also encounter 9uah Sarmat beer to go along with the standard select…
Live Music in Donetsk

Liverpool Live Music Bar

This imaginatively designed place claims to have the longest bar in Eastern Europe. The catwalk stage is placed so that musicians find themselves in the middle of the crowd. Some major Ukrainian bands play here.
Spectator Sport in Donetsk

Donbass Arena Ticket Office

Tickets to Shakhtar’s domestic games can easily be purchased at the ticket kiosks in front of Olympic Stadium for about 15uah. Tickets for European contests are harder to come by.
Bar in Donetsk


Young literati meet here for coffee, cocktails, poetic evenings and DJ sets. It's a small cellar place with many bookshelves and cozy armchairs. Live-music events take place most weekends.
Coffee in Donetsk


Descend to the bottom of the sea in this little cellar coffeehouse-cum-cocktail bar designed to look like Captain Nemo's submarine. A striking example of local escapism.