The national postal service is run by Ukrposhta ( However, many now use the privately owned Nova Poshta (, an efficient branch-to-branch alternative to the state-run service.

  • Sending a postcard or a letter of up to 20g costs 18uah to anywhere outside Ukraine.
  • Major post offices (poshta or poshtamt) are open from around 8am to 9pm weekdays, and 9am to 7pm on Saturday.
  • Smaller post offices close earlier and are not open on Saturday.
  • Outward mail is fairly reliable, but you should always send things avia (airmail).
  • Mail takes about a week or less to reach Europe, and two to three weeks to the USA or Australia.
  • Take packages to the post office unwrapped, so their contents can be verified.
  • The state-run International Express Mail (EMS) is available at most main post offices.
  • Incoming post is not very reliable.
  • DHL and FedEx have offices throughout Ukraine.

Addressing Mail

  • Traditionally, addresses were written in reverse order (eg Ukraina, Kyiv 252091, vul Franko 26/8, kv 12, Yuri Orestovich Vesolovsky), but the continental European fashion (Yuri Orestovich Vesolovsky, vul Franko 26/8, kv 12, Kyiv 252091, Ukraina) is now common.
  • The return address is written in smaller print in the top left-hand corner on the front of the envelope (not on the back).
  • When addressing outgoing mail, repeat the country destination in Cyrillic if you can. Incoming mail addressed in Cyrillic, rather than Roman, characters will reach its destination sooner.
  • Be aware that many streets have changed their names since 2014.