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Top Choice Notable Building in Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi University

University buildings are often called 'dreaming spires', but Chernivtsi's is more like an acid trip. This fantastic, Unesco-listed red-brick ensemble, with coloured tiles decorating its pseudo-Byzantine, pseudo-Moor…
Top Choice International in Chernivtsi


Tea, porridge, real English breakfasts – if you're from Blighty you'll love this tranquil retreat with its boutique interior, impeccably polite, English-speaking waiters and a quite un-Ukrainian atmosphere of calm a…
Street in Chernivtsi

Vul Kobylyanskoyi

When you’ve had enough of Chernivtsi’s barmy traffic, head for the tranquillity of vul Kobylyanskoyi, a pedestrianised street running between vuls Holovna and Shevchenka. It’s certainly the city’s most attractive th…
Ukrainian in Chernivtsi


Named after the famous Ukrainian dance, this rural-themed restaurant – all sunflowers, traditional carpets and stacked wood – has a menu that high-kicks its way through Chernivtsi's multicultural history with Jewish…
Ukrainian in Chernivtsi

Panska Huralnya

Ask anyone in Chernivtsi where you should eat and most will recommend this 21st-century restaurant at the top end of vul Kobylyanskoyi. Don't be fooled by the faux-noble entrance and uniformed waiters, inside things…
Cathedral in Chernivtsi

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

Painted a garish Disney-princess pink, the huge, mid-19th-century Orthodox cathedral that straddles gated parkland between vuls Holovna and Kobylyanskoyi is worth dipping into for its monster chandeliers, giant fres…
Cathedral in Chernivtsi

St Nicholas Cathedral

Chernivtsi's cathedral is nicknamed the 'drunken church', because of the four twisted turrets surrounding its cupola – painted blue with golden stars, these turrets create an optical illusion. The cathedral is a 193…
Pub in Chernivtsi

Pub 34

Keeping to a post-Soviet tradition of naming your business after its building number, this brick cellar pub-club spins cool tracks as you kick back on leather sofas and enjoy the meat-heavy meals and beer. Live musi…
Notable Building in Chernivtsi

Kobylyanska Theatre

Set on the exquisitely central European pl Teatralna, Chernivtsi's main drama and music theatre is a beautiful art nouveau confection that wouldn't look out of place in Prague or Paris. The ticket office is across t…
Museum in Chernivtsi

Museum of Bukovinian Jews

This museum brings to life the now virtually extinct Jewish culture of Bukovyna, focusing on the period between 1774 and 1941.