Cave in Chernihiv

Antoniy Caves, Illynsky Church & Trinity Monastery

About 2km southwest of St Catherine's Church you'll spot the 58m bell tower of the Troyitsko-Illynsky Monastery (Trinity Monastery). The Antoniy Caves, Chernihiv's answer to Kyiv's Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra, lurk beneat…
Cathedral in Chernihiv

Boryso-Hlibsky Cathedral

The 12th-century Boryso-Hlibsky Cathedral is in the same short, squat style as the Pareskevy Pyatnytsi Church. It’s worth visiting for the stunning silver Royal Doors, commissioned by the famous Cossack leader Ivan …
Church in Chernihiv

Illinsky Church

Illinsky Church was built in the the early 11th-century.
Museum in Chernihiv


Fort in Chernihiv


From Krasna pl it's a three-minute walk southeast along pr Myru to the old historic core, known as the Dytynets ('citadel' in old Russian). Today it's an informal park dotted with domed churches overlooking the Desn…
Square in Chernihiv

Krasna Ploshcha

Life in Chernihiv revolves around the huge Krasna pl (Red Sq). As with its Moscow namesake, there is nothing remotely bolshie in the word 'red', which simply meant 'beautiful' in old Slavonic. In the park extending …